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All hedges require regular maintenance. Some only need trimming once or twice a year, others more often. Regular trimming at the right time is better for the hedge and can produce a smarter look and better display in the next years flower (Ceanothus, for example). It is also easier to carry out compared to infrequent, heavy pruning, which can leave a hedge looking woody and stressed.

At DGS Landscapes we are experienced enough to carry out hedge trimming at the correct time and with quality tools to provide a superior cut and to promote healthy growth for the shrubs and hedges within your garden.

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DGS Landscapes offer high quality Tree & Hedge trimming. From shaping Privit, Conifers and Buxus, reducing the overall size of a Tree or Hedge, or maintaning a length throughout the seasons, you can rest assured that we can cope and that we are fully insured.

Hedge Services We Provide:

Trimming & Shaping (Annually Or Scheduled Maintenance)
Hard Pruning
Green Waste Removal - We can remove all the waste we produce for recycling.

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