Professional Lawn Treatment...

The Perfect Lawn is not complete until you have used a scarifier and feed and weed. This will free up your lawn of Thatch, Dead Grass, Grass Clippings and Weeds. Thatch is a breeding ground for fungi and mould, it traps moisture at the surface and thus prevents the development of strong, healthy grass roots. It also encourages the growth of moss.

DGS Landscapes provide a complete, all year round lawn care service.

Spring & Summer Care...

Spring Feed:

The Spring Feed gives your grass a much needed boost in growth to help kickstart it into the growing season. We visit & feed between March and May.

Summer Feed:

Our Summer Feed concentrates on grass growth, regeneration & lush green colouring. We visit in June & July so that you can enjoy your lawn to its fullest.

Late Summer Feed:

Our Late Summer Feed aims to continue the lush growth, but also strong root development. We can also treat for common weeds such as Common Mouse-ear, Common Chickweed, Creeping Buttercup, Thrift and Dandelions.


Autumn Care...

Autumn Feed:

The Autumn Feed prepares your grass for winter. Its high Potassium formula ensures strong root growth for the colder months.

Scarification & Moss Treatment:

At around the same time as our Autumn Feed, we advise Lawn Scarification and Moss Treatment. This will remove the years unwanted growth & debris from the lawn, such as thatch and moss and allows the grass to breath.

We can treat for Moss at almost any time of the year, but we do recommend to combine both Moss Control and Scarification in the Autumn or very early Spring Months.

Lawn Services We Provide...

  • Professional Grass Cutting throughout Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
  • Lawn Treatment (Scarify, Feed & Weed)
  • Lawn Edging / Strimming
  • Waste Removal Where Required (DGS Are Registered Waste Carriers)

Because DGS Landscapes are a one stop shop for all of your gardening needs, we can provide Lawn Cutting within our lawn treatment service. Because we are visiting you fortnightly or weekly to cut your lawn, we can provide a more focused service than others but generally at a cheaper price.

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