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A Garden Pond will make your garden stand out from the crowd in much the same way as a well desgined swimming pool or a water feature would. A Pond will improve the landscape of your garden and also make it more attactive. Ponds also encourage lots of different wildlife and are a requirement for certain plants to grow.

DGS Landscapes design and build all sorts of ponds and water features. From brick or sleeper enclosed ponds to smaller 3 teir water features to custom shape and size ponds with ledges, pumps and filters.

We also provide a pond maintenance service. This service can be a monthly or quarterly maintenance visit.

Our Pond Packages...


DGS Landscapes Pond Maintenance Package

Regular, Scheduled Visits
Can Be Included In Garden Maintenance
Inspection of Pumps & Filters
Cleaning Of Filters
Checking & Replacing UV bulbs
Blanket Weed Removal & Control
Pond Plant Pruning
Pond Water Quality Test

We also dont mind vsiting on a one off basis to completely clean your pond. This service can be called upon almost any time of the year to suit your requirements.

DGS Landscapes Pond Cleaning Package

Draining the pond
Removing all sludge from the bottom
Jet washing the lining
Pruning and fertilizing the plants
Refilling the pond
All Waste Removed


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